Welcome to Inner Fire Pyramids

We design and build portable pyramids for meditation and healing.

Copper Pyramids (Giza Models)

Six standard GIZA models available.

Copper Pyramids (Nubian Models)

Three standard NUBIAN models available.

"Simple and Profound"

All our pyramid frames here at Inner Fire are based on the Golden Ratio (Phi)– a sacred geometry active in the natural world and what inspired the original Giza and Nubian Pyramids. Welcome to Inner Fire. 😊 

The Benefits / Healing Properites

Pyramid Benefits

Meditation pyramids can energize and enhance any activity, including meditation, centering, grounding, chakra balancing and energy work. For healing practitioners, a copper meditation pyramid can become an energetic sanctuary for reiki, massage, and other healing modalities. The alternative healing community recognizes many benefits from copper pyramids.

Pyramids and Healing Properties

These pyramids encourage a recovery of the natural alignment (and positive expression) of our energy centers. They are like a tuning fork that the body listens to– a pervasive gentle reminder of its inherent integrity. While the pyramid reminds our bodies, we feel safe and generally positive while in or around them.