Pyramid As Tuning Fork

Pyramids are like tuning forks, calling on the body to recall its fundamental and inherent integrity.

Pyramids as Tuning Forks Pyramids as Tuning Forks

As human beings, we respond to the energy of these pyramids as if they were tuning forks for many of the organic structures present and active in our bodies. Those structures are called upon by these vibrations to express themselves as they were meant to (organically). Pyramidal structures exist throughout our human form, including the structure of some of our cells.

These pyramidal structures in the body are not what we might call perfect pyramids. In fact, it is essential that they remain fluid and elastic. This does not prevent them from responding to the energy of pyramids. The consciousness (responsive intelligence) active and operating in all living organisms recognize pyramid forms and seek to align with it (attune to it), creating an opportunity for recalibration (cleansing, healing).

Residing Consciousness

The resident consciousness in nature is not like the deliberate consciousness we experience when we think our thoughts and entertain our ideas. It is a consciousness of responsiveness, feeling, intuition, trust and an allowing of what feels right. This “feeling our way by what feels right” is something all nature expresses as it explores what works (integration, harmony, etc.).

This same principle applies to gemstones and crystals (and other fixed geometric patterns) in their effectiveness in healing. The structures in the mineral kingdom remain incorruptible in their patterns of expression. In this way, they act as tuning forks for patterns of expression that have been corrupted (patterns held onto out of fear, patterns held back due to repression). The geometric patterns emanating from these incorruptible structures ask us to express energies as we were meant to.

Likewise, encountering one of our fellow human beings with an open heart can act to open our own. The vibration being expressed from one healthy living form will have a natural attraction for those seeking to find their way to healthy expression. Still, sometimes the fear (and associated pain) is so deep that we will resist these tuning forks, and hold on to the familiar, regardless of how much better we might feel if we should let go and recalibrate.

All Pyramid Structures Help

All Pyramid Structures Help

All Pyramids Help

Any pyramid slope can be recognized and useful to the unconscious intelligence that is ever active below our normal consciousness. For this core intelligence, the pyramid form is recognized as a potential habitat. This is the basis for the attraction. Consciousness seeks to live through the shapes that it creates and builds, only to move into greater complexity and capability. This is the nature of possibility (our core and source).

Giza and Nubian slopes, tied to perpetual integrity (golden section), also correspond to important centers of energy in the human nervous system. These energy centers (chakras) correspond to growing capacities and a prowess in consciousness. Giza corresponds to the heart chakra, while Nubian to the throat chakra. This is why these slopes can be so instrumental in our effort to realign, heal and develop a deeper relationship with ourselves and the greater whole.

It is also important to remember that these two pyramid slopes are archetypes and do not directly correspond to any specific bodily structure. As archetypes they are compelling, and this is part of why they can be so effective. In fact, there are natural structures that bear a close resemblance (and proximity of slope) to the Giza pyramids and consequently have a special energy to them. Consider Mount Arunachala (pictured above, right), the hill that Ramana Maharshi was compelled to seek out and where he spent the bulk of his life. He considered it very much alive and powerful. Anything in proximity to the Giza pyramid in terms of slope can have a profound effect. Ramana Maharshi did not spend his life trying to figure out why, or work to be certain it stood up to complicated math. He simply allowed what was obviously special and powerful to positively affect his life.

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