Replacing Wire

If you are replacing a single wire, then pull one wire from the set of four wires in your replacement set. As all but the single broken wires are still in place, it may be obvious WHERE and HOW to string the missing wire. If so, start by removing the rubber end cap on the two pyramid legs where this missing wire was attached. Remove any remaining remnants of the previous wire. The steps outlined below in the full set replacement (along with images) may help you.

Feed the new wire through the holes in the pipe towards the inside of the pipe and through the pipe's end pulling out about eight to ten inches. Tie a knot in the wire so that the mark on the wire will be just shy of the hole in the copper pipe when pulled back inside the pipe. Cut the excess, leaving an inch remaining. Feed the cut end back into the pipe and pull from the greater part of the wire until the knot is resting against the inside of the hole. Replace the end cap. If you are replacing a full set, follow the instructions below.

Full Wire Replacement

Remove all the previous wiring. The best way to do this is to cut the wires where they enter each pipe and remove all wire knots from inside the copper pipes. You may need needle-nose pliers for this. Once the previous wiring is removed, set the pipes up as shown below, so that you can keep track of the order (one, two, three four, etc.). One by one, slip the end of a strand of wire through (from the outside of the pipe inward), allowing the end of the wire to come out the end of the pipe. Tie a knot in this wire where the wire is marked (about seven inches from the wire's end). Once the knot is tied, slip the other end of the wire into the appropriate hole in the next pipe, in succession. Repeat this process in successive pipes until all the wires have been inserted. It is helpful to place the pipes in order on a flat surface and flip them in order as you proceed to be sure you are connecting the wires properly. If you are unsure about the order, you may want to check how the wires are connected by setting up the pyramid before the cut and tuck procedure. If you have one wired incorrectly, you can still fix it before you proceed.

1. Wiring pipe one to pipe two.

2. Wiring pipe two to pipe three.

3. Wiring pipe three to pipe four.

4. Wiring pipe four to pipe five.

Cut and Tuck Excess Wire

Once all knots have been tied, cut off excess wire with scissors. Leave about one inch of wire beyond knot. Tuck knot and excess wire in the end of the pipe and pull the wire taught from the outer side of the hole in the pipe. Follow this procedure with each pipe.

5. Measure about one inch.

6. Cut off excess wire CAREFULLY.

7. Tuck one end piece into pipe.

8. Pull taught.

9. Repeat with second end piece.

Replacing Rubber End Cap

Once the wires have been tucked within, replace the rubber end cap.

Copper Pyramids (Giza, Nubian)