Healing Testimonials

Excerpts from customer reviews on copper pyramid healing:

Copper Pyramid Healing Copper Pyramid Healing

I love this pyramid. Started noticing benefits right away. Fast shipping and fits perfectly in my space. My questions to the maker of the pyramid were all answered in a very friendly and timely manner. I felt a strong connection. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

—Fairfield, IA • 8/9/16   (Giza 46)

This is wonderful!! I have never managed to meditate for a whole thirty minutes at a time, but under this pyramid it is so easy and refreshing! I can really feel the energy there. I left it up this morning and now my dog is lying under it. Thank you so much for making these so affordable and easy to store!

—Marietta, GA • 7/23/16   (Giza 42)

Perfect! I sleep under mine every night. I can feel the energy even when I'm not under it but just near it. I have hot flashes– and I realized I hadn't had any since sleeping under it. I researched the benefits and found it balances hormones. I haven't even lined it up with magnetic north yet and it's working!!!

—San Diego, CA • 1/11/16   (Giza 30)

I love this beautiful copper pyramid (38"). I love it because its good looking, well-constructed, portable (yay!) and love that you made it by hand~~super creative. I feel definitely a good, clear 'vibe' and helps with my intentions. Sometimes I just sit and meditate inside and other times, I play a crystal bowl or invite others to lie down for a healing session. Also, it was as described, delivered on time and well packaged!

—Portland, ME • 6/12/15   (Giza 38)

I love this pyramid, I sit in it for an hour a day, and this week at work, I wasn't feeling as sore and tired as I usually have been, I attribute this to the pyramid. Love It.

—Seattle, WA • 5/1/15   (Giza 46)

I love it this pyramid already my sleep has been peaceful and wonderful. I've added crystals for different effects. The design is beautiful and all three of my dogs love being inside of the pyramid with me. Great job thank you.

—Orlando, FL • 4/26/15   (Giza 46)

I love everything about this! It is a wonderful way to get in touch with the subtle energies that flow around you. Great for charging crystals, cleansing your mind/body/soul, excellent for sleeping. I highly recommend it, it shipped right on time! Thank you again Benjamin.

—Madison , WI • 8/25/14   (Giza 38)

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