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Gizas for Healing Practitioners

Healing Pyramids for Sale: The Giza 61 and Giza 71 are great pyramids for healers. The Giza 61, with a 9 x 9 base, together with the space for a chair, is a workable solution for energy work of most kinds. The Giza 71 can accommodate two chairs (see image above) or a massage table. The Giza 71 has a 10 x 10 base and so will just fit in most body-mind-spirit expo booths (see image below). Designed for the healing practitioner (Reiki, Massage, Energy Work), the Giza 71 Apex Pyramid is perfect for festivals, fairs, or the office/massage studio. These pyramids provide the perfect sacred energetic space for healing work of any kind.

Copper Pyramids (Giza, Nubian)