Gizas For Chairs

Copper Pyramid for Chair Meditation Copper Pyramid for Chair Meditation

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Gizas for Chairs

There are two Giza pyramids for chair meditation, and both require assembly; the Giza 61 and the Giza 71. The Giza 71 was initially designed for the healing practitioner (Massage, Reiki, etc.), and can accommodate two chairs. It also fits nicely in a 10 x 10 expo booth. Still, a great pyramid for personal use if you have the floor space. After all, why not keep your options open for a greater range of activity? The Giza 71 is also popular among those who wish to place a pyramid over their bed.

Whether Giza 61 or Giza 71, remember these are both large pyramids, so double-check your available floor space. You can find the required floor space by following the link to a pyramid's details page.

Copper Pyramids (Giza, Nubian)