Copper Pyramid Power

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Copper Pyramid Power Copper Pyramid Power

Indeed. VERY powerful. Not to be taken lightly. Very pleased!

—Minneapolis, MN • 6/1/16   (Giza 42)

Powerful and dynamic tool to use for spiritual growth and development. Benjamin was a pleasure to work with. Product was delivered safely and on time. We are very pleased with the purchase. We are using it with our students here at Satsang. It has been the talk of the session!

—Greenville, NC • 4/14/16   (Giza 42)

Thanks so much Benjamin. The pyramid arrived quickly (about 2 1/2 weeks, coming to Canada). I appreciated the heads up about how to open the tube - you were right, it was on tight ! Slept in it last night - had some powerful dreaming, and new clarity re a new business venture. Will be using it to travel - "have pyramid, will travel".. thanks again for a terrific product, and great service. Blessings, deb F.

—Orillia, Canada •08/04/12   (Giza 38)

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Copper Pyramids (Giza, Nubian)